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Improving lives in over 20 countries, BodyRyzm Technology™ now brings to you: New Neuromuscular and Biomechanical Solutions combating Lower Back Pain, Forward Head Posture, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, etc.

- These solutions often show results within 3 seconds.

New Neuromuscular solutions promoting Functional Balance Training, Sensory Integration, Postural Stability Exercises, etc.

- These solutions offer unparalleled portability and efficacy.

New Biomechanical solutions for deeper, easier and faster deep tissue therapies.

- These solutions allow therapist reduce the physical stress on hands and fingers by 90% to combat repetitive strain injuries.

Our president Patrick Lee with
Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Governor of California &
Advocate for Preventive Healthcare

Our president with Dr. S. Arria
Co-Founder and Executive Director,
International Sports Sciences Association

Body Ryzm Technology™ is a series of effective proprietary technologies developed by Perspectis, Inc. – a wellness technology innovator homed in the metropolitan city of Toronto, ON Canada.

Our president with Mr. L. Haney
Eight (8) times Mr. Olympia

As a member of Trillium Medical Technology Association (TMTA) and Toronto Board of Trade, Perspectis endeavours to contribute to society through our social consciousness and actions.

Our president with Dr. F. Mancini
President, Parker College of Chiropractic

We are actively expanding our domestic and international distribution for our continued innovation, and welcome inquiries from professional manufacturer's sales representatives.

Powered by proprietary Body Ryzm Technology™, Back Vitalizer™, Neck Vitalizer™, and Dr. Hamilton Hall Belt™ help doctors and health professionals improve their patient care, and help their patients and general public to improve their wellness.

Our president with Dr. J. Barnathan
President, New York Strength, Inc.

Founded in early 2002, the company’s innovations has been used and recommended by doctors, healthcare professionals and general public in most of the advanced economies such as USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Netherlands, UK, etc.

Our president with Dr. J. Maltby
President, International Chiropractors Association

We also aim to help individual inventors to effectively commercialize their inventions, by sharing our knowledge, experience, business infrastructure, distribution channels and financial resources.

Please do not hesitate to send us your comments and/or questions. We would be please to hear your feedback so as to serve you better.

Perspectis, Inc. 1 First Canadian Place, Suite 350,
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5X 1C1.
Tel: 416-595-1575
Fax: 416-595-6438
Email: service@BodyRyzm.com


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