Maintain Inner Youth and Beauty  

How does Back Vitalizer help you preserve your inner youth and beauty?

When talking about ageing, people will immediately think about wrinkled skin, sagging eye bags, double chins, graying hair, etc. However, think a little deeper, and people will realize that the ageing process is far beyond those external areas where symptoms are obvious. In fact, there are at least 3 internal areas in which ageing process take place:

  • our neuromuscular system
  • our skeletal system, and
  • our internal organs, including cardiovascular system

  • The ageing process in these internal areas are often under the radar. Once they manifest themselves, they are often far more difficult to treat than external ageing signs, such as wrinkles, double chins or gray hairs. Yet their impact on your daily joy of life and performance of tasks is far
    more severe than that of wrinkles around the eyes, or graying hair on the head. Inner beauty is more precious than external beauty. Inner youth is more important than external youth!

    A major consequence of ageing in our neuromuscular system is the decline of postural stability. As a result, seniors often fall and damage their hips. To maintain postural stability or slow the decline of postural stability, one must keep activating and stimulating it frequently. Unfortunately today's sedentary lifestyle provides few opportunities to do so. This is where Back Vitalizer comes to help. With Back Vitalizer, one can stimulate and activate proprioception and train postural stability anywhere they sit - at work, home, or in cars, airplanes, and theaters.

    One key result of ageing in our skeletal system is wear and tear of our vertebrae and spinal discs, especially in our lower lumbar area. This is often caused by excessive pressure on the vertebrae and inadequate lubrication of the discs. Working with both the body and the mind, Back Vitalizer effectively helps improve one's sitting posture to reduce that pressure, and enhances discal lubrication through the imbibition process activated by the body's ongoing proprioceptive responses.

    "I borrowed my friend's when I went on a bus trip up island (4hrs) and when I arrived I had NO hip, back or buttocks problems. So I decided not to limit my comfort to just travel, but just bought one for everyday use. "My Butt Thanks You""

    - Rachelle Gagne, Victoria, BC, CAN

    "A friend of mine got me the Back Vitalizer as a birthday gift. The first time I used it I could feel the difference in my lower back. I am sitting here at work and feel great. This is my first day with the Back Vitalizer and I will use it always. Thanks for such a great product."
    - Bernadette Fiorito, Leroy, NY, USA

    "The Back Vitalizer has helped me so much. My wife wants to use it all the time."
    - Michael Zielke, Ortonville, MI, USA

    Over 95% users from all work of life wether mid aged adults,
    seniors or young adults finds relieve and improvements
    within 3 seconds !

    Bodyryzm™ products offers superior quality.
    Each of them comes with a
    3 year 100% performance guaranty.


    Back Vitalizer™


    US Customers:
    When prescribed by an accredited healthcare professional, your Back Vitalizer may be reimbursable under the HCPCS code - E0190 - positioning cushion/pillow/wedge, any shape or size.

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