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Normally when you sit, your body weight tends to push your pelvis and lower back to move backwards causing you to slouch. This process moves the pressure from your thighs and "sitting bones" back towards your tailbone concentrating the pressure on a smaller area. The slouching posture increases the tension and incidence of pain in the back. The sharp red peaks on the pressure map above show the concentration of pressure indicating the presence of slouching.

When you sit on Back Vitalizer?, its aerodynamic design gently spreads the pressure over a wider area, creates counterbalance against the backward motion tendency of the pelvis and lower back, activates the postural muscles and unlocks the tension that causes pain in the back.
The yellow, green and light blue areas on the pressure map above show a wider area of reduced pressure & the absence of sharp red peaks indicating the prevention of slouching.

How does Back Vitalizer prevent your low back injuries?

Due to the nature of human body, as soon as an individual sits for a prolonged period, their back muscles, especially the deep and small stabilizing muscles in the lower back, start to contract and stiffen. In such situation, the muscles become “frozen rubbers” like and become brittle and prone to damage.

When an individual sits for a prolonged time and suddenly begin to move out of the seat, whether jump out of an office chair for a meeting, or rush of the car to get something, or leap into the air to cheer a win of your favorite sport team in a stadium, the “frozen rubbers” (the tense and stiff small muscles in the back) could easily snap. And a serious back injury may occur.

Muscular back injury is one the most prevalent back injuries. When a muscular lower back injury occurs, the large power muscles in the back are almost always in good order. What is hurt in such situations are the deep and small stabilizing muscles.

Through gentle and ongoing neuromuscular stimulation and exercises, Back Vitalizer not only helps its users to relax the deep and small stabilizing muscles and to prevent them from contracting, tensing and stiffening, but also helps exercise and strengthen the deep and small stabilizing muscles.

Furthermore, by stimulating the upper body to maintain the state of gently and constantly motion, it also helps improve the hydration of the spinal discs through the imbibition process in which spinal vertebrae open and close like a clam open and close its shells and draw in fresh fluid and push out the old.

Testing is believing! Visit a clinic close to you to try and purchase a Back Vitalizer, or order it here online, to make your life easier and healthier today

"My husband was taking treatments and purchased two Back Vitalizers, one for each of us. I"m an active person familiar with exercise classes and using the stability ball but had over done it in a yoga class aggravating the sciatic nerve. The body alignment achieved through the use of the Back Vitalizer helped the pain I was experiencing. As the Back Vitalizer also aids core strength development and improves balance and stability I will be using it daily!"

- Gail Muehling, Urbanvale, IA, USA

"I have been seen by my chiropractor for many years because of back problems. Last week he recommended the Back Vitalizer. How I wished I would have had that years ago. What a difference it made. I am going to buy one for home as I brought the one I purchased to the office. I wanted to express my gratitude to the inventor". I cannot live without it now. It is wonderful, I am also bragging about it at work"
- Therese Lessard, Ottawa, ON, CAN

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US Customers:
When prescribed by an accredited healthcare professional, your Back Vitalizer may be reimbursable under the HCPCS code - E0190 - positioning cushion/pillow/wedge, any shape or size.

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