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How does Back Vitalizer prevent your low back injuries?

Designed on proprioceptive principle, Back Vitalizer is ideal for providing natural, non-electrical,  gentle, adjustable, and highly portable and discrete sensory integration training.  By gently challenging the body to balance itself and coordinate motion with various body parts and sensory systems, Back Vitalizer makes it easy for ongoing neuromuscular stimulation and feedback for sensory integration training. Individuals can achieve varied yet controllable levels of sensory integration training, whether by sitting on, standing on, lying on, or leaning against this innovative device. 

Best of all, the non-intrusive balance and sensory integration stimulation provided by Back Vitalizer is safe and gentle. The level of stimulation and training can be adjusted easily from near zero to a high level as needed.


Testing is believing! Visit a clinic close to you to try and purchase a Back Vitalizer, or order it here online, to make your life easier and healthier today!

"Anyone treating patients with lower back and spinal injuries should have the Back Vitalizer. Your patients will walk away with a portable personal proprioceptive tool for spinal muscular reeducation and lumbar support. All your patients will love it."

- Dr. Steven Chiu, DC Newmarket, ON, CAN

Over 95% users from all work of life wether mid aged adults,
seniors or young adults finds relieve and improvements
within 3 seconds !

Bodyryzm™ products offers superior quality.
Each of them comes with a
3 year 100% performance guaranty.


Back Vitalizer™


US Customers:
When prescribed by an accredited healthcare professional, your Back Vitalizer may be reimbursable under the HCPCS code - E0190 - positioning cushion/pillow/wedge, any shape or size.

- Healthcare professionals: Please login for your professional pricing.

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