Reduce Neck and/or Shoulder Pain  

How does Back Vitalizer help you reduce neck and shoulder pain?

The neck and shoulder pains in sedentary people are often the result of poor sitting postures. A slouched sitting posture often causes the head to protrude forward leading to a posture called "Anterior Head Carriage" or "Forward Head Posture".

The forward protruding head dramatically increase the stress on the neck and shoulder muscles. The head is like a 10 lb. bowling ball. It needs muscles in the neck and shoulder to hold it up. When the head is in its neutral position, the effort required by the head-holding muscles is minimum, most often people don't even notice it.

However, with each inch of forward protrusion of the head from its neutral position, the stress on the head-holding neck and shoulder muscles doubles. When people sit in a poor posture, the head often protrudes 2 inches or more. This means that the effort required of the head-holding muscles often quadruples or more when people sit in a poor posture.

As a result, the tension and stress imposed on the neck and shoulder muscles often quadruple too. With such dramatic increase of stress and tension in neck and shoulder muscles, it is a small wonder why people tend to have neck and shoulder pain when they sit in a poor sitting posture for a prolonged period.

When sitting on it, Back Vitalizer automatically and instantly helps realign the spine, improve sitting posture, and avoid "Anterior Head Carriage" or "Forward Head Posture".

With the neuromuscular stimulation and biomechanical support, Back Vitalizer helps its users maintain an upright sitting posture effortlessly, subconsciously and continuously, hence reducing stress and tension in the neck and shoulder, and neck and shoulder pain.

Testing is believing! Visit a clinic close to you to try and purchase a Back Vitalizer, or order it here online, to make your life easier and healthier today!

"Excellent! Addresses the need to strengthen deep spinal muscles simply and effectively"

- Dr. Bruce Kleinknecht, DC Elmira, ON, CAN

"Ahhh! What a relief! From the first moment I sat on the Back Vitalizer, there was a feeling of support that I hadn't felt before! The sciatic pain was gone! (for a while!) I experimented with the amount of air used - and you're right - less is more. Thanks much!"
- Karen Erdmann, Excelsior, MN, USA

" Best thing ever! Astronomically superior to any other back support/seat I've ever tried. Fully recommend it to anybody I talk to. Keep up the excellent work! "
- Clarice Crooker, Oshawa, ON, CAN

Over 95% users from all work of life wether mid aged adults,
seniors or young adults finds relieve and improvements
within 3 seconds !

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Back Vitalizer™


US Customers:
When prescribed by an accredited healthcare professional, your Back Vitalizer may be reimbursable under the HCPCS code - E0190 - positioning cushion/pillow/wedge, any shape or size.

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