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How does Back Vitalizer help relieve lower back pain, stiffness and fatigue for sedentary people?

To answer this question, we need to review what causes the most prevalent lower back pain, stiffness and fatigue in people who spend much time sitting at work, at home, or in cars and airplanes.

The human body is made for motion and not for still sitting. As soon as a person starts to sit still, the deep stabilizing muscles start to contract and tense. And these tensing muscles will squeeze the vertebrae, create static load in the spine, and compress nerve roots in the spine. These, in turn, will create pressure, tension, stress, stiffness, fatigue and even pain in the back, especially in the lower lumbar area.

From the above fact, it becomes clear that the central question in preventing back pain, stiffness and fatigue is "how can we prevent these deep stabilizing muscles from tensing?". Unfortunately there is no chair in the world that, no matter how expensive or ergonomic, can prevent any of the deep stabilizing muscles from tensing.

By providing gentle neuromuscular stimulation and biomechanical support, Back Vitalizer helps sedentary users relax the deep stabilizing muscles, reduce static load and muscle spasm in the lower back, as soon as you start using it.

Back Vitalizer's special patent-pending aero-dynamic design is fully adjustable to suit the specific needs of any individual. Simply by controlling the level of inflation, you can effectively control the level of exercise or support. Anyone can enjoy it - from kids to seniors!

Testing is believing! Visit a clinic close to you to try and purchase a Back Vitalizer, or order it here online, to make your life easier and healthier today!

"From the moment I rested my back against the pillow, my pain was reduced by 75%! Now that I use the pillow all day, I do not have pain in my upper back at all! I love this pillow!"

- Lynne Krop, San Jose, CA, USA

"These items should have been advertised on TV. Due to a car accident I am seeking the care of a chiropractor. He recommended this to me. I cannot believe the difference at the end of the day... All I can say is that I should have had one long ago. It really works."
- Patricia Potvin, Osgoode, ON, CAN

"Wish I had known about it sooner! The relief when sitting, driving and sleeping is PRICELESS. My entire attitude is different due to the relief the Back Vitalizer provides my compressed disk."
- Lori D. Hall, Tampa, FL, USA

Over 95% users from all work of life wether mid aged adults,
seniors or young adults finds relieve and improvements
within 3 seconds !

Bodyryzm™ products offers superior quality.
Each of them comes with a
3 year 100% performance guaranty.


Back Vitalizer™


US Customers:
When prescribed by an accredited healthcare professional, your Back Vitalizer may be reimbursable under the HCPCS code - E0190 - positioning cushion/pillow/wedge, any shape or size.

- Healthcare professionals: Please login for your professional pricing.

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