Improve Spinal Musculoskeletal Health  

How does Back Vitalizer help improve your spinal musculoskeletal health?

The health of the spine is determined by the health of the spinal discs, vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, and their overall structure.

When people slouch, the lower spine is bent against the natural curvature of the spine, and healthy curvature in the lower back is reduced, diminished or even reversed. As a result, the inner edges of spinal vertebrae in the lower back get squeezed towards each other. The intradiscal pressure around the inner edge of the vertebrae increases dramatically, which leads to greatly increased stress on spinal discs that are in-between the squeezed vertebrae, and greatly increased wear and tear in the spinal discs, even in the vertebrae. Permanent loss of healthy curvature in the lower back (a.k.a. lordosis) is often seen with painful spinal conditions.

Back Vitalizer helps improve sitting posture by creating a counter balance against the backward rolling tendency, and by stimulating the mind to
instruct the body to sit upright subconsciously. It helps sedentary users avoid increased intradiscal pressure, and reduce unnecessary wear and tear of our lower spine.

Furthermore, Back Vitalizer helps improve the hydration of the spinal discs. After the age of 19, the self-lubrication function of the spinal discs is steadily reduced. The core of the discs can then only be lubricated and fed with the nutrients it requires through the opening and closing action (a process called imbibition) of the intradiscal spaces in which the spinal discs find themselves. In this process, the opening and closing intradiscal space functions as a pump to suck fresh spinal fluid in and compress old out. So it hydrates, nourishes and protects the spinal discs.

Combined with the gentle, ongoing neuromuscular exercises, Back Vitalizer also helps maintain and improve the health of the spinal muscles, ligaments, and overall spinal structural integrity, to help maintain the health of your precious spine.

Designed on proprioceptive principle, Back Vitalizer is ideal for providing natural, non-electrical and gentle neuromuscular stimulation. Individuals can achieve varied yet controllable levels of neuromuscular stimulation, whether by sitting on, standing on, lying on, pressing on, or leaning against this handy device. 

Best of all, the non-intrusive neuromuscular stimulation provided by Back Vitalizer is safe and gentle. The level of stimulation and training can be adjusted easily from near zero to a high level as needed.

For individuals with mutiple-sclerosis, spinal curvature deformities or other back disabilities, Back Vitalizer provides even support to uneven backs. Users will not feel any pressure at any contact point with the device due to its conforming nature. Back Vitalizer conforms to the back no matter what shape, size or curvature of the individual body, and no matter what the individual wears or carries on the back. Simply enjoy pure soothing support and comfort, whether in wheelchairs, car seats, sofas, or bed, for individuals of any gender or age.

Testing is believing! Visit a clinic close to you to try and purchase a Back Vitalizer, or order it here online, to make your life easier and healthier today!

"Anyone treating patients with lower back and spinal injuries should have the Back Vitalizer. Your patients will walk away with a portable personal proprioceptive tool for spinal muscular reeducation and lumbar support. All your patients will love it"

- Dr. Steven Chiu, DC Newmarket, ON, CAN

"I was having very bad sciatic pains down my legs while trying to sit at night. My chiropractor suggested the Back Vitalizer which I purchased and was truly amazed the first evening using it, my sciatic pain immediately disappeared. It truly has been a great relief for my pain."
- Judy Druce, Hot Springs Valley, AR, USA

"I received the Back Vitalizer as a gift one week ago. I have noticed a drastic change in my hip. I have sciatica badly and since using this it has improved tremendously. I also must mention I have 2 artificial hips - right and left. I have tried many things but none has helped me like this Thank you."
- Lillian Hooper, Newcastle, ON, CAN

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Back Vitalizer™


US Customers:
When prescribed by an accredited healthcare professional, your Back Vitalizer may be reimbursable under the HCPCS code - E0190 - positioning cushion/pillow/wedge, any shape or size.

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