Lumbar Decompressor™

M2 - with pump:
Price: $44.95

M5 - with monitor:
Price: $79.95


Do you have back pain due to nerve compression in the lumbar spine?

Do you take back decompression treatments?

Do you find back decompression treatments effective but expensive?

If so, the relief for your pain and budget is RIGHT HERE!

The latest innovation - Lumbar Decompressor™ - allows you to decompress your lumbar spine with full control at your own home whenever you need it. It is easy and effective.

If you are currently taking lumbar decompression treatments at a hospital or clinic, Lumbar Decompressor™ will complement your routine treatments, when you need it and where you need it, in between your hospital or clinic visits.

If you can not afford back decompression treatments due to time or budget constraints, Lumbar Decompressor™ offers you the opportunity of accomplishing your own back decompression therapy in your own home, at your own convenience and under your own full control.

  You can simply place a deflated (deflating is easy) Lumbar Decompressor flat in a bed, a sofa or on the floor, and lie down flat on top of it with Lumbar Decompressor centered underneath the small of your back, then squeeze the hand pump to let the relief begin.

While you pump your Lumbar Decompressor, you will feel that your lumbar spine is gently lifted and stretched. This process gently increases the space in between your lumbar vertebrae, improves hydration of your lumbar spinal discs and reduces the compression on your nerves. And you will feel a noticeable, soothing and rapid relief of pain in your back.

This process not only helps reduce nerve compression and relieve pain, but also helps improve the hydration to your spinal discs and restore the inter-vertebral space for a lasting effect of pain relief.

CASE STUDY: The Patient and the Condition - A 36 year old female office worker was distressed with a severe acute pain in her lower back, after a 500 km highway trip in a car in late autumn of 2009. She was a generally healthy individual and did not have any previous back pain episode. She was completely immobilized by the pain, and not able to move, stand, sit or lie down in any way without the severe pain.

The Treatment - A Lumbar Decompressor™ was offered to her and placed underneath the small of her back on the floor. As the device was inflated, she felt immediate relief. Once optimum relief was reached, the inflation was capped and maintained. She continued to lie on the device the same way as before for one hour, until she felt that her pain subsided and that she could stand up without suffering.

In the following weeks, the back pain reoccurred several times. Each time, she repeated applying the Lumbar Decompressor™ in the same fashion. In the same period, she also applied Back Vitalizer while working in the office, by sitting on the device at her desk.

The Result - Within 3 weeks of as-needed application of Lumbar Decompressor™ whenever necessary combined with consistent application of Back Vitalizer, her back pain had been completely eliminated. She reported that she has not experienced any relapse of the back pain in a 12-month follow-up after the completion of the initial treatment and rehab period in autumn 2009.

Lumbar Decompressor will always conform to your back while supporting and decompressing it. Its support is always gentle and soothing. Simply inflate the device by squeezing the hand pump to relieve your back pain. Simply stop inflation as soon as you notice a significant relief of back pain, and continue to lie on it. Your Lumbar Decompressor will do the rest for you automatically.

Lumbar Decompressor is ultra portable. It weighs less than 15 oz and can be folded into a handy and elegant travel case that is included with your Lumbar Decompressor. The whole device and case can be put into most purses, handbags and briefcases without taking much space.

Lumbar Decompressor comes in two versions:

1. with pressure biofeedback monitor and inflation pump

This version of Lumbar Decompressor allows users to continuously monitor the decompression force. The higher the pressure indicated, the higher the decompression force. With the pressure biofeedback monitor, the same level of decompression can be repeated each time by inflating the device to the same level of internal pressure.

2. with inflation pump

With the handy inflation pump, users can control and adjust the decompression force and process continuously, based on self sense of pain relief and body comfort, without interrupting the decompression process.


How does Lumbar Decompressor compare with back decompression machines?

Lumbar Decompressor allows you to …
  • save over 95% cost within one therapy cycle, (spinal decompression can cost anywhere from $100-$200 per visit and it usually takes about 20 visits to achieve the treatment goal. Essentially, $2,000 - $4,000 is the total cost for spinal Decompression. Source: Disabled World,
  • avoid the wait for the next decompression treatment, when you need it,
  • avoid the inconvenience of taking special trips to receive the decompression treatment,

How does Lumbar Decompressor compare with back stretching arches?

Lumbar Decompressor allows you to …
  • achieve gradual decompression instead of sudden decompression
  • maintain continuous adjustment of decompression, without interruption of therapy
  • receive lumbar decompression therapy anywhere you need it, whether at home or on the road
  • save money in equipment investment,
  • save storage space by over 80%

How does Lumbar Decompressor compare with inversion tables?

Lumbar Decompressor allows you to …

  • save up to 80% in equipment investment,
  • maintain full and continuous control and adjustment of the level of decompression
  • receive lumbar decompression therapy anywhere you need it, whether at home or on the road
  • save storage space by over 98%

Want to take control of your back at your own convenience, today?
Order your Lumbar Decompressor NOW !

Over 90% of users with nerve-compression low back pain
finds relief within 1 minute !

1 year 100% performance guaranty.


Lumbar Decompressor™

Lumbar Decompressor with pressure monitor:

US Customers:
When prescribed by an accredited healthcare professional, your Lumbar Decompressor may be reimbursable under the HCPCS code - E0941 - positioning cushion/pillow/wedge, any shape or size.

Lumbar Decompressor with inflation pump:

US Customers:
When prescribed by an accredited healthcare professional, your Lumbar Decompressor may be reimbursable under the HCPCS code - E0941 - positioning cushion/pillow/wedge, any shape or size.


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