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“When I teach, I will be singing your praises to my students. I was very surprised that in my economically depressed area that they sold so quickly. I knew I loved them, but that doesn't always translate to the patients. But I simply put it out in my waiting room and poof...they were gone. The only other item that does that well in my office is BioFreeze and Critter Pillers. Thanks and I will spread the word. ”

- Dr. Jennifer Murphy Pink Hill Chiropractic, Pink Hill, North Carolina USA

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“The sales staff are knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant to deal with...it's rare to find a company you feel confident directing patients concerns to...I know that when my valued patients call the 1-800 number they will be satisfied with the results...which leaves me with more time to focus on my regular office duties without interruption. The Back Vitalizer enables us to provide our patients with superior health and wellness care 24/7... We are improving the patient's quality of life while the patient is going about their daily routine thus causing them to receive the full benefit of their chiropractic adjustment ...we are impressed with the wide spectrum of important uses this product can provide.”

- Dr. Paul Holdsworth DC Vancouver BC CAN

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“The Back Vitalizers literally sell themselves right off the chairs in your reception room.”

- Dr. Stephen Levine DC South Orange NJ USA

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“The Back Vitalizer is an incredible, powerful and highly effective tool for anyone who will ever need to sit down again. It instantly corrects your posture, improves your balance and relieves stress. It is a must for anyone in today’s busy world.”

- Dr. Bob Hoffman, DC, President of The Masters Circle, Jericho, NY

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“Another product I like very much is the Back Vitalizer. It is a rectangular air filled low back pillow that you can use either behind your low back or you can sit on it. The product helps enhance the hydration of spinal discs, improves muscle blood circulation and helps to reduce back pain while you sit. It also stimulates the effect of sitting on an exercise ball in that it activates your core muscles in order to stabilize your pelvis on the air pocket. Because of its simple design you can use it at work, at home, take it to sporting events, use it in your car and bring it on an airplane. The Back Vitalizer is extremely helpful for people who sit a lot and it feels remarkably comfortable.”

- Dr. Jason A. Deitch, “Discover Wellness – How staying healthy can make you rich”, Center Path Publishing,
2006, p 311

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"I have found the Back Vitalizer to be an innovative and very supportive product for doctors to provide as an extra-personal service and profit center for their patients. It is cost-effective, lightweight, small and easy to inventory and most of all... it works, it gets results and supports our patients' chiropractic care."

- Dr. Karl Parker, DC. President, Karl Parker Seminar, Burleson, TX

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“As a rehabilitation doctor and sports physician, I have found the Back Vitalizer extremely effective in alleviating lower back pain and in restoring muscles balance and strength.”

-Dr. Allan Oolo Austin, DC,CCSP,CCRD,PhD. Originator of Trigenics Myoneural Medicine,
Toronto, ON

"A great way to stabilze and strengthen your core without even realizing it! A simple way to make your chair a personal rehab center to strengthen your foundation. It also travels easy."

- Dr. Stuart Weitzman, DC. New York, NY

"Thank you for the excellent product. The Back Vitalizer is so deceptively simple that at first I completely over-looked the device. Once I sat on one however, I immediately noticed the benefit. You might be interested to know that a patient with persistant weakness on left ankle extension, secondary to chronic lumbar Degenerative Joint Disease, had complete, immediate and transient return of normal strength in the left extensions while seated on the Back Vitalizer, but not while seated on a regular chair. That sure looks like improved disc dynamics to me!"
- Dr. Stephen Gunter, DC. Monteray, CA

"I love the Back Vitalizer! I leave it in my waiting room and it sells itself. I don't leave home without it and tell my patients to do the same. Too many people work seated all day long, this is perfect for them."
- Dr. Olivia Bressy, DC. Northfield, IL

"... I also had a patient that needed the Back Vitalizer for his piano bench. Without it, he was not able to continue playing shows! This is incredible, since he makes his living as a professional pianist."

- Dr. Scott Miner, DC. Tempe, AZ

"Still the best product of its kind I have seen over the last 20 years. They sell themselves."
- Dr. James Cassillo, DC. Massapequa, NY

"Every time I fly or travel someone wants to know where I got the Back Viatalizer. I have actually sold it twice and shipped it out when I got back home. Everybody who sits should have one!"
- Dr. Pat McLean, DC. Virginia Beach, VA

"(Back Vitalizer) Is a great piece of equipment that can be used in the treatment and more importantly prevention of back pain. Everyone who is in an occupation that requires prolonged sitting should have one!"
- Dr. David Starmer, DC. Etobicoke, ON

"The versatility and effectiveness of the Back Vitalizer on improving spinal stability is the perfect addition to our wellness practice. Thank You for a great product!"

- Dr. Arlen Rubin, DC. Kalamazoo, MI

"I think this product is ingenious. The results are instantaneous. I wish I had come up with this idea and followed it through to market. IT IS GREAT!"

- Dr. Jeff Stepanek, DC. Sebastian, FL

"Your product is simply fantastic and a life and back saver. I recently completed a trip from Texas to Missourri and would not have been able to do it at all before. Now with the Back Vitalizer not only was I able to complete the trip but I did it more comfortably than I could have dreamed possible."

- Dr. Thomas Redenbaugh, DC. Dallas, TX

"Excellent! Addresses the need to strengthen deep spinal muscles simply and effectively"

- Dr. Bruce Kleinknecht, DC. Elmira, ON

"Anyone treating patients with lower back and spinal injuries should have the Back Vitalizer. Your patients will walk away with a portable personal proprioceptive tool for spinal muscular reeducation and lumbar support. All your patients will love it."
- Dr. Dr. Steven Chiu, DC. Newmarket, ON

"As soon as I stock them they get sold. I have patients referring their people just for the Back Vitalizer!"

- Dr. Peter Raether, DC. Greenfield, WI

"Fantastic product. Ingenius design. Terrific company!"

- Dr. Robyn Graber, DC. Rochester, NY

"When I opened the Back Vitalizer I thought – This is it? Then I used it and said THIS IS IT!"

- Dr. Judith Blum, DC. Longueuil, QC

"Our patients love the Back Vitalizer! They find they have instant relief of back pain when sitting on it. They have found them especially helpful when sitting on a plane and at their desks. Very friendly and helpful staff when ordering! Keep up the great work."

- Dr. Mike Whitley, DC. Toronto, ON

"Fantastic! A real quality product with no frills. We love it!" Dr. Mark Burick DC

- Dr. Mark Burick, DC. Seattle, WA

"The Back Vitalizers literally sell themselves right off the chairs in your reception room."

- Dr. Stephen Levine, DC. South Orange, NJ

"Back Vitalizer is one of the most common rehab devices sold in our practice. All patients are recommended to use the Back Vitalizer because sitting is one of the major interferences to spinal correction. They are all happy with the Back Vitalizer and thank us."

- Dr. Mike Whitley, DC. Toronto, ON

"I know that your company stands behind your word. That is AWESOME! Keep great quality products and service rolling! I recommend all of my friends to utilize your products."

- Dr. William Simpson, DC. Taylor, MI

"The Back Vitalizer is one of the most versatile products I've ever used. Not only is it effective, it's extremely safe and can be used by all ages young and old."

- Dr. Rene Asselin, DC. Blue Mountain, ON

"All my patients have been extremely happy and satisfied using the Back Vitalizer"

- Dr. Harlan Hoffman, DC. Essexville, MI

"I am very impressed with the Back Vitalizer. It’s simplicity and multi-use is exceptional for the expense of owning it."

- Dr. Wayne Jakeman, DC. New Westminster, BC

"Great Product. It is like getting a workout while you sit. Endurance training for the laziest patient."

- Dr. David Starmer, DC. Toronto, ON

"Our patients love them and say that their backs feel better after sitting on them for a few minutes. Patients order multiples as when they take them home their spouses "steal" them."

- Ms. Janice Kinat, Clinic Manager, Guelph, ON

“The Back Vitalizer is the best back support on the market today. It's adjustable, so it can be customized to fit all backs. The air support system doesn't cause constant static pressure like a standard back support. Therefore, the Back Vitalizer doesn't cause sore spot with long term use. I strongly encourage all care givers to test this product. Once you've tried it, you'll eagarly recommend it to your patients."

Doran Chiropractic Center, Allendale, MI

"I wouldn’t use any other back stabilizer. I personally am using the Back Vitalizer at home, in the car and at the office."

- Dr. Karen Pope, Palm Spings, CA

“I have had a new positive impression for back supports in general since using the Back Vitalizer from Perspectis. My patient feedback has been nothing but excellent and positive."

Geary Chiropractic Clinic, Burnsville, MN

“This is by far the best and most user-friendly proprioceptive device on the market! My patients have benefited from the Back Vitalizer immensely."

emkiro Health Services, Toronto, ON

“The body conforms and than deforms due to static pressure. The BACK VITALIZER's unique air system provides dynamic support. This type of support elliminates muscle fatigue.

Anyone who sits for a prolonged period will benefit from the Back Vitalizer for improved posture and concentration.

I recommend them for all my patients."

Center for Wellness, Los Angeles, CA

"All of our patients who have purchased the Back Vitalizer have been very satisfied with the exception of one. She purchased one for herself, and took it to work (where she sits all day), church, home... Everywhere she went she took it and she was loving it. But then one day her mom tried it out and would not give it back, so she had to purchase one more. After a couple of days her mom complained that her husband was not letting her use the pillow because he was either sitting on it or resting his back on it all the time. Needless to say our patient got her dad a Back Vitalizer for Father's Day. Ha-ha!! Other than the fact she had to invest money on three Back Vitalizers, she IS very happy with their results."

Smiley Family Chiropractic, Madisonville, TN

"(My) Patients really see a difference in sitting comfort and posture. (The Back Vitalizer is) also a great aid for geriatric patients to work on balance in a safe, seated position."

Ollayos Chiropractic Clinic, Elgin, IL

“We have found the Back Vitalizer to be very effective in alleviating tension which develops in the low back muscles in people who sit daily in front of their computers. It is very innovative and we feel that it will assist the deep muscles of the low back to maintain their normal tone through the day."

Posture Research Institute, Toronto, ON

"I have had a very positive response from my patients after using the Back Vitalizer. Many cases that have been somewhat difficult and unstable have found significant relief and stability. In one case, a patient was so excited about the Back Vitalizer that she made it a point to call me and thank me personally for recommending the Back Vitalizer to her. I would recommend the Back Vitalizer to all my patients. Thanks for providing a great product."

Dockside Chiropractic, Harrison, MI

"(With the Back Vitalizer,) I had the single most immediate improvement from a postural improvement device in 20 years of trying them."

Gingell Chiropractic, Plymouth, MI

“The Back Vitalizer is an excellent way for patients to use proprioceptive stimulus to rehab back muscles. Patients comment they have received the most comfort while sitting on the Back Vitalizer since their auto accidents. One lady uses 2 and sleeps on them at night. This is the best sleep she's had."

Preferred Chiropractic, Saginaw, MI

“As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have found the Back Vitalizer to be a highly effective tool in strengthening low back muscles and facilitating proper seated posture. The Back Vitalizer promotes continuous exercising, training, and balancing of low back muscles whenever seated on it. The Back Vitalizer has been well received by my patients since it is easy to incorporate into their daily lives and the benefits of its use can be felt immediately. I recommend the Back Vitalizer to anyone who desires to maintain a healthy back and posture."
Advanced Therapeutic Centre, Toronto, ON

“I absolutely love the Back Vitalizer. I even prefer it over my driving companion of 30 years, ABO Back - a time tested Swedish back care device for drivers. The Back Vitalizer is not only good for driving but also good for office sitting. In my view, the Back Vitalizer is the best alternative to Swiss Balls in an office environment.”
- Mr. GREGORY STANISLAWSKI, Ergonomic Expert and Educator, Canton, OH

“Great product! It (Back Vitalizer) works wonders on long car rides as a lumbar support. Also great for long lectures in poor quality classroom seats.”
- Dr. ERIK NABETA, DC, Canton, OH
Progressive Chiropractic Center, Oakville, ON

“My patients really enjoy their Back Vitalizers. The fact that they can be inflated to provide varying degrees of support, makes the Back Vitalizer a product that is universally effective to accomodate different sizes and shapes. It is the best back support I've encountered in 20 years of practice."

Doran Chiropractic Center, Allendale, MI

"I was very impressed with how the Back Vitalizer worked. ... It’s simple and light - easily transferred from one chair to another. I would recommend this product to anyone with a low back problem, or has to sit for long periods during the day.”

Bay & Bloor Chiropractic, Toronto, ON

“The Back Vitalizer … has met with great reception from most patients with low back discomfort. Using it in the car or in chairs has proven to lessen the pain. Mechanical low back pain, and pain from overuse and exhaustion respond well to the use of the Back Vitalizer.”

The Toronto Stress Centre and Research Clinic, Toronto, ON

"Finally, a therapeutic device that combats the discomfort associated with prolonged sitting. Back Vitalizer provides effective relief while enhancing proper posture."

- Dr. PATRICK BROWNE, Senior Executive, St. Louis, MO


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