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"I have every back rest you can image but it's not until I came across the Back Vitalizer that I think I have the perfect fit."

- NAOMI SKERETTE, Toronto, Canada

"I suffered a lot of back problems, lower back problems and sciatic nerve problems and I purchased this Back Vitalizer about 3 months ago, since then I used it every day."

- RICHARD WINE, Toronto, Canada

"With the Back Vitalizer things have changed dramatically [...] I don't have the pain I used to have. [...] It's a wonderful, wonderful invention."

- JOSEPH SHERWIN, Toronto, Canada

"It relieves your lower back pain [and] any tension you may have ... it helps your posture ... you can't sloutch on it!"

- XAVIER & LESLIE RAMIREZ, Toronto, Canada

"The Back Vitalizer has help me a great deal with my lower back pain."

- MARSHA SERRETTE, Toronto, Canada

"I been using the Back Vitalizer [...] I find that my posture has improved tremendously"



"I have used a Back Vitalizer for 3 years and it has made a huge difference as I sit in meetings, at my desk, during travel and practically anywhere I need to sit."

- Mr. Scott Luley, Ph.D. Princeton, NJ


"Best thing ever! Astronomically superior to any other back support/seat I've ever tried. Fully recommend it to anybody I talk to. Keep up the excellent work!"

- Ms. Clarice Crooker, Oshawa, ON


"The single best back support/rest/cushion I have ever tried. In two days, it became a must-have in the car. I am getting more for the house and everyone is getting one for Christmas. Great to roll up & bring to sports events and concerts, etc. too! Don’t forget one for your computer chair too. This is not a vitalizer- it is a flat-out rescuer. I can’t drive without it anymore."

- Ms. Linda Dennison, Marietta, MI


"I have been seen by my chiropractor for many years because of back problems. Last week he recommended the Back Vitalizer. How I wished I would have had that years ago. What a difference it made. I am going to buy one for home as I brought the one I purchased to the office. I wanted to express my gratitude to the inventor". I cannot live without it now. It is wonderful, I am also bragging about it at work."

- Ms. Therese Lessard, Ottawa, ON


"Ahhh, the relief. At first I didn't think the Back Vitalizer would provide the needed support. But once I started using it during my 90 mile, 1 hour and forty five minute commute, the benefits were immediate. Thank you Back Vitalizer for saving me from wasting money on the 'Turtle'."

- Mr. Stephen Laufer Erie, PA


"As a planner working full time I get so engrossed in my work I find my lower back and legs are stiff when I get up. The Back Vitalizer has already proved to relieve this ache and I fully recommend it to all office users who sit for long periods of time."

- Ms. Cheryl Grieve, Sydney, Australia


"Used the Back Vitalizer on a 4 day, 2300 mile car trip from Ontario to Texas. Found that I did not have a sore back at all. When I got out of the car, I was not stiff. Use it daily on computer chair. Helps posture. Excellent Product."

- Ms. Audrey Green, Kingston, ON


"I just purchased my 2nd Back Vitalizer, to use in my car. I just wanted to say you have a great product here. I just love sitting on it at work and it also is the best lumbar support for the car that I have found (I have tried a number of others). I don’t think you need any more testimonials but you can use mine if you wish. I have recommended this product to everyone I know with back problems."

- Mr. Joe Monturo Gilbert, TX


"My fiancé had lower back surgery 5 years ago, and is only 41 years old. I found the Back Vitalizer online and thought I’d order one for him. He LOVES it! He travels 30 hours a week and it has made a huge difference in his comfort while travelling."

- Ms. Amy Heitman, Cascade, MT


"This Back Vitalizer as a lumbar support in long congested commute traffic is a godsend. I can’t wait to send one to our daughter in Texas."

- Ms. L.D. Rossol, Santa Barbara, CA


"Great support for my back! It's helping my posture. My chiropractor recommended it and I'm glad she did."

- Ms. Carol Simonvic, Squamish, BC


"This little black square is magic – my sacrum often goes out of alignment and this makes for comfortable sitting - at home, in a restaurant, in the car...even when the sacrum pain has kicked up. It folds easily, even when inflated, and can be carried inconspicuously in an ordinary little canvas bag so many of us use anyway."

- Ms. Pam Holfer, Ann Arbor, MI


"I really love the Back Vitalizer! I had a neck injury 6 months ago and I couldn't sit upright in a chair until I found the Back Vitalizer at my doctor's office. I have used it in my car, and also found it very convenient to roll up and take on the airplane. I don't know what I would have done without it. Thank you for such a great product."

- Ms. Laura Sutton, Sonora, CA


"For support and exercise in a plane, this product is perfect."

- Ms. Beverly Shriver, PA


"Dear Back Vitalizer staff, I have been suffering from lower back pains for over 10 Years and some days are better than others. After Seeing Several Doctors and receiving several treatments I still have difficulty getting up from behind my desk. As an Office manager I do spend a lot of time in front of the computer and have had a few different office chairs and back rests to support my daily work. Then when I came across your Product the Back Vitalizer it seemed to have relieved the pressures of getting up and sitting down away from my lower back area and was able to literally bounce off my seat. The back Vitalizer enhanced my balance while sitting as it is supporting the gluts and legs and no pressure on my lower back at all to keep my posture. I just wanted to send you this note to thank you for such a great breakthrough in my daily office life. I am recommending it to everyone with or without back pains."

- Mr. JIMMY DAVLOUROS, Chief Operating Officer, BenQ America Corp., Irvine, CA


"I have been in law enforcement for 27 years and driving those years. I have been involved in altercations with suspects and vehicle accidents. I have been wearing a utility belt for most of those years, which weighs 17 lbs. I have been for the most part driving a police car. My lower back has slowly become a problem while driving up until recently. I started using the Back Vitalizer. The relief was awesome. Now when I drive, there is no pain or ache in my lower back. The Back Vitalizer has become part of my everyday piece of equipment."

- Mr. MIKE W. REAGIN, Senior Law Enforcement Officer, Decatur, GA


"Due to a painful problem in my lower spine and right hip, I had been experiencing difficulty driving for longer than 15 minutes. My hip area would 'lock up' and cause pain down my leg and make getting-in and -out of the car difficult. With the Back Vitalizer in my car seat, I drive for an hour and get out of the car pain free:)"



"Very comfortable, sturdy construction.
Great idea!!
The 1st pillow I found worth buying, and the only pillow my doctor would recommend!"

- Mr. PAT KLEIN, Detroit, MI


"I use the Back Vitalizer every day. I find it very convenient because I can put it in my purse and take it with me. And with a few puffs of air, it's 'ready to go'. I have a bad back and have to have a contour pillow or some kind of pillow behind my back regardless of where I sit, at home or elsewhere. This is more convenient than carrying a big contour pillow."



"The Back Vitalizer really helps my chronic back/hip pain."

- Mr. LU JOHNSON, Winona, MN


"I found relief immediately after sitting on the Back Vitalizer in the chiropractor's office. I came in low back pain. I had my friend try my Back Vitalizer and she felt relief right away. She suffered from whiplashand and nothing gave her relief. And she just loved it."

- Mr. Elizabeth Betz, Kitchener, ON


"Amazing results from what appears to be such a simple device."

- Mr. EAMON DEFREITAS, Daytona Beach, FL


"Finally, a therapeutic device that combats the discomfort associated with prolonged sitting. Back Vitalizer provides effective relief while enhancing proper posture."

- Dr. PATRICK BROWNE, Senior Executive, St. Louis, MO


"The Back Vitalizer is working fabulously for me. What a joy, and what a relief - both literally and figuratively. ... As someone who suffers from a chronic back problem, it is precisely what I have been both seeking and needing for a very long time!"

- Mr. D.M. BELOVICH, Lieutenant-Colonel, Ottawa, ON


"I've been driving (trucks) for 15 years and have suffered from pressure ponits on my legs. I found myself getting to the point where I couldn't sit (in my truck) for long hours at a time. Using Back Vitalizer helps me get rid of the pressure points. And I simply feel great after drving all day."

- Mr. Amos Schrock, Whitehall, WI


"My chiropractor had me use a Back Vitalizer for one week to see how I liked it. It was so amazing that I purchased two, one for the home and one for the car. It is a great product."



"I am amazed at how this 'little' black pad can work so well! Compared to the 'Obus Form', the Back Vitalizer is far superior! And also less of a 'pain' in transporting it from one spot to another."



"It is absolutely wonderful. Makes driving so musch more comfortable. I could never get comfortable on a plane, but now I can enjoy flying."



"To Whom It May Concern, Several months ago, my husband's chiropractor recommended he try a back vitalizer. He purchased one and started using it in the car...it made a BIG difference! He can now travel long distances and arrive without a sore back! We are so sold on the item, we have purchased a second one for me! We would recommend the back vitalizer to anyone/everyone!"



"I got the Back Vitalizer just before we started a trip to the west coast. I used it in the car for the entire 10,805 kms of the trip and had no episodes of lower back pain at all. And I have had lower back problems for several years. Your product (Back Vitalizer) far out-performs any back support that I have previously used. It provides great comfort even when sitting for the extended periods on one trip. Thank you."

- Ms. JOAN SAMPSON, Campbellford, ON


"Ingenious product! I've just started using it and wish I had it a long time ago."

- Ms. GARNET ROBINSON, Floresville, TX


"The Back Vitalizer is working so well that I plan to get one for my 91 year old mother. I use it at home and in the car. I especially appreciate it when riding in our truck. With the Back Vitalizer, the truck is as comfortable as the car or my lounge chair."

- Ms. JOANN DAVIS, Ocala, FL


"I had a hip replaced this spring (2005) and driving in the car for short or long trips was weakening. And because of road disrepair, (the trips) made my lower back and hip hurt. NOW even after the first trip with the Back Vitalizer I feel free to relax and enjoy the ride. No hurting going over bumps and no weakness after even 2 hours. (It) feels fantastic. Thank you for the freedom!

My wife purchased one too and she finds her lower back is not so tired while using it."

- Mr. ALAN GREVILLE, Gravenhurst, ON


"I purchased a Back Vitalizer from Doctor James Padilia of Carmel Plaza Chiropractic, San Diego, CA.


"I used a seat pad whenever I drive my 2002 Toyota because of lower back pain. It does not seem to help. I still have the pain. However, within seconds after using the Back Vitalizer, the back pain was gone and a comfortable drive from then on. I believe in it so strongly that I am buying one for my wife and my daughter."

- Mr. James Derant, San Diego, CA


“In a word - 'Wonderful'! I have to sit too much at work and this (Back Vitalizer) really helps reduce fatigue.”

- Ms. Sybil Theed-Davis, Silver Springs, FL


“As a freelance writer, I sit for hours at my computer. In the past, the more I sat, the more my back went into spasm and pain. Now, with the Back Vitalizer under me, there’s no more spasm, no more pain. It’s a small miracle.”

- Mr. ANDY SHAW, freelance writer and broadcaster, Toronto, ON


“My back used to be sore from sitting in front of school desks for hours. Now my pain has gone away. And my bum & back are now happy and pain-free. Thanks to the 'Happy Bum' (Back Vitalizer).”

- Mr. YAN LEUNG, college student, Richmond, BC


“I have been driving (trucks) for 16 years. I tried the Back Vitalizer for just a few minutes at the Mid America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY, and I knew I was not driving another mile without it.”

- Mr. Lloyd Schrock, Whitehall, WI


“With the Back Vitalizer, my back pain is gone! Even though I’m still working the same long hours on my computer.”

- Ms. TAMARA WETERINGS, teacher, Toronto, ON


“It feels great! My back feels wonderful! I will definately tell my friends and family.”

- Ms. MICHELLE AUGE, Oakville, ON


“The Back Vitalizer solved my back problem while driving my car.”

- Ms. NANCY DICKIN, teacher, Markham, ON


“I love the Back Vitalizer. The minute I opened the box I decided to try it behind my back. It was wonderful. It really helped comfort my back. ... I know I that it will help ease my back pain for many years to come."

- Ms. SUSAN GURGANUS. senior arthritis patient, Robersonville, NC


“… I also use my Back Vitalizer for driving in the car, sitting at my machine all day at work, reading in bed, and watching TV in the easy chair to support my back. I would not want to be without my Back Vitalizer. It truly feels good for my back."

- Ms. KRIS, S. machine operator, Buffalo, NY


“The Back Vitalizer is awfully comfortable and a big help to me. I’ve never had any thing like it. It helps relieve pressures in my back whenever I sit with it. It is a hell of a good product.”

- Mr. HEINZ BLESSING, male back pain sufferer, Cambridge, ON


“This is good. This is just the way I want to sit. It helps me sit like I couldn't do otherwise. It's a perfect fit. It helps both comfort and posture."

- a male product trial patient at Working With Arthritis, CA


“This feels a lot better than the foam pad I am using now."

- a male product trial patient at Working With Arthritis, CA


“feels great; especially helpful before exercise and stretching."

- a female product trial patient at Working With Arthritis, CA


“In comparison to many other products, this is a product that really works."

- Mr. MARCUS BERESFORD, retired senior executive, male back pain suffer, Etobicoke, ON


“it's good to use as a back cushion when I am sitting in a chair by the pool in a wet bathing suit."

- a female product trial patient at Working With Arthritis, CA


“… soothing and comforting!"
- a female product trial patient at Working With Arthritis, CA


“I am bothered by back stiffness, particularly after working outdoors. Back Vitalizer is a great therapy. By placing it under my tailbone and relaxing, I can reverse the normal arch of my back, stretching those sore lower back muscles. By moving the point of support, I can stretch, then relax different area of my back in sequence. Great therapy and all natural - no medications, no liniments."
- Mr. DERYK TILDEN, social worker, Ridgeway, ON


“I have been using the Back Vitalizer for approximately 3 weeks now. I suffer muscle fatigue in my back due to an active lifestyle, motorcycling and sports. The Back Vitalizer provides me with the extra comfort and proper posture I need to help in the healing of my back. Thank You for making my life a little easier."

- Mr. DANIEL C. Computer System Administrator, Scarborough, ON


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